a n d e r s b a c h

~ a b o u t ~
Anders Bach (DK) is a musician, composer and academic. He explores acoustic intimacy and digital mania in his music. Through malleable synthetic textures and a throbbing, unruly pulse, Anders’ aesthetic is both slow in motion and hyperactive. With a symbiosis of drums and electronics at the center of his career, he has been an active figure in the Danish music scene the past seven years both as a solo-performer and as a member of many influential groups. As a result he was nominated as Musician of the Year at the Danish Music Critics Choice Awards (Steppeulven) in 2019.

In his solo-work, Anders bridges his love for deconstructed, ambient noise and frenetic, arpeggio melodies. In ensembles, Anders is primarily known for his work as a composer in and founder of bands like Ice Cream Cathedral, Erna and H E X and as a musician and creative force for acts like Bisse, Luster, Sleep Party People and Danielle Dahl, touring most of Europe and numerous states and countries in North America and Asia. Furthermore, Anders is co-founder of the Danish underground label Wetwear: an intuitive and anarchistic platform, a listener-invite to participate in an alternative archiving of the artistic process.

In the world of academia, Anders is a published scholar and holds undergrad and graduate degrees respectively from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory and the IT University in Copenhagen, DK. Anders has presented his research on improvisation, aesthetics and artificial intelligence since 2016 in USA, China, Germany and South Korea and is among the academic reviewers of the International Computer Music Festival in 2019 in NYC.

~ c o n t a c t ~
E-mail: anders@theopenbone.com
Phone: 0045 23819467